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Sulky Tear Easy Stabilizer


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I use this product to transfer my decorative details from pattern to project.  It is see through so I can trace on it, pin it to project and sew on my.  Just like the name it then tears of easy!

AVAILABLE IN 1 or 3 YARD PACKAGE!  (One Yard Packages currently out of stock)

  • Provides great stability combined with effortless removal that doesn't pull, tear or distort stitches
  • Professionals use 1, 2 or 3 layers of Tear-Easy to stabilize virtually any fabric
  • Each layer is then easily torn away separately to prevent the pulling, tearing or distorting of stitches
  • Tear Easy Stabilizer is soft lightweight and tear away easily to not distort stitches
  • Great for applique decorative stitching computerized embroidery quilting monogramming stretchy or delicate fabrics