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Pattern Corrections
We take great pains to make sure our patterns are correct but sometimes things slip by. When mistakes are identified we will post them here. 
We also include the correction in any future pattern sold until reprinting solves the problem.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Blocks & Blooms Block 4
The applique pieces both the stems say to make 4.
2 of each stem need to be reversed. 
Pattern should read make 2 of each a
s shown and make 2 of each stem reversed.

Potted Petals Finishing Pattern

No corrections in printed patterns, only the 
digital downloads on April 5/6th, 2021:
1) Discard any pattern that does not read "Revised" on Cover.
2) When making HST for pinwheels trim to 2" square.
Patches of Americana Pattern Cutting directions Corrections
Indigo Aged Muslin Binding. Pattern calls for 6- 2 1/2" x WOF… Should read 6- 2” x WOF.
Red, Blue & Tan Patch-It item F reads 16- 2 1/2" x WOF… Should read 17 - 2 1/2" x WOF
Red & Tan Patch-It item I and Item K each read 4 each from different red prints…
should read At least 5 from each red print to make scrappy.

Garden Getaway

Section 6- Block 3: Mailbox Cutting Directions

                 Fabric 6): (A) Change from 2 - 41/2" Squares to 1– 41/2" Squares         

                 Fabric   1): (F) Change from 2 - 41/2" Squares to 1– 41/2" Squares              

In Sewing Directions 2nd paragraph: Follow previous step in Maple Leaf Blocks to make 4 HST with 1 (F) 41/2" square and 1 (A) 41/2" square. Press to (A). Trim to 21/2".

 Section 6 Page 6:  The vine applique fabric 17 should Read “Make 2”


Gingerbread Stitches

Block 6: Pattern states in Cutting Directions; Green Plaid Flannel  4- 1" x WOF (Subcut into 8- 1" x 16 1/2" for flange)
This should read 8- 1" x WOF (Subcut into 16- 1" x 16 1/2" for flanges)  

Four Season IN Wool - Fall 
 On Page 50 the B Triangles reads 1" and 2.5 cm.   They should read 1 7/8 inch and 4.76 cm.  Our pattern refers to 1" finished meaning sewn into the project. 
The unfinished size, before sewing, needs the seam allowance to match the other pieces being sewn together. 

Woolen Oak Finishing Pattern

Please note a typo in the Cutting Directions: From the 1/2 Yard Beige Item (N) should read 41/2” x 21/2

 Woolen Oak- Calico Patch's Applique Pattern

Please note a typo regarding the leaves on page 2.  The pattern states make two of each color on each leaf.  The intent was meant to make two leaves of each color, one from each of the opposite facing directions. The placement pattern and cover photo show 6 leaves total.

The applique pattern for the "road" is not reversed.  Use light source or other method to reverse while making your applique piece.

American Barn Trail Block 12 Setup

Black Print 
   Cut 15- 31/2" x WOF strips
                Sub cut 2- 31/2" x 221/2" (center row sashing)

                  Sub cut 4- 31/2" x 22"

   Cut 4- 3" x 141/2"              

 Dark Orange                                                  
   Cut 7- 1" x WOF (for flange)

                  Sub cut 4- 1" x 221/2". 

 In the sewing directions: Please note that the black sashing and the orange flanges should be trimmed at 601/2” (not 581/2”).


Bee Kind
We did not use Valdani #12- Gold Splendour, We did use O86 -Ripend Plum.

Christmas Tree Braid
In the cutting directions add Cut 1- 4" square of Gold fabric.  Omit the 1- 4" square in the Assorted Greens.
Christmas with Sue and Bill
Pattern calls for 2 yards Muslin but should read 4 1/2 yards.
Cozy Christmas In Wool BOM
The first few complete "Shop Sets" shipped without the total fabric requirements.  Please call us and we will send that to you.
In the Set Up Instructions the cutting directions read cut 8- 3" x 13" sashing from black.  This should read cut 17- 3" x 13" sashing.
Fall Harvest
In the cutting requirements we missed the 2" Square Purple for a leaf.  The wool was included in our kits.
Four Seasons In Wool- Fall
The earliest patterns:
Cutting directions call for 1- 1" strip WOF of black and 1- 1" strip WOF orange.  Both should read 2- 1" strips WOF.  Directions have you sew one orange strip to black.  You'll need to make two strip sets to get the 36 orange and black pieces.
Cutting directions call for 2- 23/4 x 91/4" of black, this should read 2- 23/4 x 91/2".  These are the top and bottom borders used in the quilt lay out.
When making the churn dashes, I used 1" finished Thangles, making them 1 1/2" unfinished.  The pattern called for the wrong size (1.5" finished). 
In a few of the early patterns the Wool requirements called for 2" x 21/2" green.  We added the star which makes the green wool requirement 4" x 21/2" green.  The kits had the proper sized fabric included.
Four Seasons In Wool- Summer
Pattern calls for fat 16th of Red for star points.  This should be 1/6th yard of red for star points.
Frosty & Friend
In first printing there was mistake in fabric requirements.  Add 1" square orange for nose and 21/2" square brown for arms.  Disregard 21/2" square gold for windows.

The 4– Light Tan and 4– Grey strips need to be cut 31/2” x 111/2” .


Monogram Table Runner
The applique pattern (letters) are not reversed.  Reverse the pattern when drawing on the fusible.
'Lil Bloomer Girl
Pattern states; Sew on the left and right pink 1/2" x 17 1/2" borders.  It should read 3 1/2" x 17 1/2" borders.

Pumpkin Patch BOM
Block 4- Pumpkin Stitching Section.  Fabric Requirements call for 1- 3" strip of green and black, change to 1-1/6th yard of green and black.
Block 5- Basket Section.  Fabric Requirements call for 1- Fat 8th of cream, change to 1-1/4 yard of cream.
Traditional Fall Wool Runner
The cutting directions need to add: Cut 6- 21/2" squares for each of the colors Green, Red, Yellow, and Purple.  The fabric for these was included in the kits.
The Maple leaf and log cabin blocks should measure 6" unfinished.  The pattern called for 6 1/2" unfinished.
Weathering Freedom BOM
Block 2-Weathervane, the cutting directions Fabric 18
Letter B states 4- 27/8" Squares, 
The pattern should read Letter B  8- 27/8" Squares...
Our kits had the proper amount of fabric included.
Block 3- Indian Puzzle, Fabric 7 Piece H-
Do not cut on the diagonal, Keep 33/8" square.  
Block 4- Memory, step 2 the fabric pieces F and G are reversed. 
Sew F to B and G to D as shown in the diagrams.
Block 5- Union Star Fabric Requirement for black check #3
state 8" but should be 9" square.

Wooly Nut Cracker
Fabric Requirements: 1/8th Yard Blue Flannel is changed to 1/4 Yard.
Cutting Requirements: Under Blue Flannel- Cut 2- 31/4 x WOF (pattern say cut 1), Subcut onto 20- 31/4" squares (pattern says 10).
Under Pieced Border use these 20- 31/4" blue squares (pattern says 31/2").